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g and drawing on Kaua'i since 2004 provides endless unique subjects
to ponder and present, most often from everyday life on the Island.
Ever moving air and water currents keep weather going and always in flux.
On the land, in the sea and air, living creatures animal and plant alike share
events of the day combined with evolution and current environmental armageddon.
This flux and flow of elements and nature is what I emulate in drawing and painting.
Working outside at different spots and times of day evolves the cocoon of capturing nature
in virtual time, place and light of the hour. Light and subjects come to pass then forward on.
Field notes taken are a useful tool later in the studio to remind color and thoughts of the day.
Talking story with many friends and Islanders on Kaua'i inspires ideas; sharing knowledge
from past to future generations educating and learning homage.
There is an endless array of materials, pigments, and tools available in nature here for painting,
mark making, printing and sculpting to further combine imagination with reality of place.
Hand in hand is the profound genuine oneness of the spirit realm offering endless subject matter.
I aim to continue to awake and live Kaua'i as artist and lucky man; working each day inspired
by past, present and future story yet to come.

Mac James
Anahola Bay